Great anime must have a lot of things going for it. A good plot, great relatable characters and good action (if action based) are some of the cornerstones that contribute to being considered great shows. But even then, some shows can still fall short because it just doesn’t have a heart. The anime on this list are spectacularly made and are a must watch for any hardcore anime fan. Having a hard time to buy your favourite Anime collections? Now shop online and get them at your doorstep through HI (professionals in removals to France).

  • One Piece (1998 -present)

The story follows the main character Monkey D. Luffy and his pirate crew as they journey around the world to find the legendary treasure left behind by the Pirate King, One Piece. This seemingly simple plot is anything but. The author Eiichiro Oda manages to deliver a story that is nothing short of spectacular. He is able to make the characters relatable by powerful and emotional backstories without making anything feel bloated or unnecessary. The battle scenes are beautifully done with proper character motivation. It is very off-putting when you don’t know why characters are fighting with each other. But none of that here, every fight has weight behind it and every punch has a reason.  This is a must watch for any anime fan as the catching up with 800+ episodes is a sign of a hardcore anime fan.

  • Gintama (2006-2018)

Gintama is probably one of the two shows that could rival One Piece in terms of character development. This is satirical parody anime set in the Edo period of Japan and follows the adventures of Yoruzuya (Odd Jobs). If you are looking for a show that constantly mixes it up with a little bit of everything including amazing comedy, emotional gut-wrenching moments and spectacular fight scenes, then look no further. The author Hideaki Sorachi’s beautiful risqué writing translates wonderfully into an emotional roller coaster that very few shows can offer up. Every character likeable and every story interesting, this is perhaps one of the best shows ever made in the history of Anime.


  • Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (2009-2010)

Many new anime fans jump onto this show or the next anime on this list as they are considered to be perfect. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is universally loved by critics and fans alike and for good reason. The show is beautifully paced and the characters are extremely well done. The story revolves around two alchemist brothers who make a terrible mistake while trying to revive their dead mother using alchemy. This is a great jumping in point to anime as the story is not that long and the action is great.

  • Death Note (2006-2007)

Many consider this to be the pinnacle of how great anime can be and it is definitely worth all the praise. The story is about a high school student who stumbles upon a book that has the ability to kill people if their name is written in it. He goes on a killing spree and the story progresses into a mental chess battle between him and the police. The studio that is responsible for Death Note is Madhouse, arguably one of the best anime studios ever. So it is no surprise that the show delivers intense and gripping moments and moments that will make you go “How did they think that up?”

This being a subjective account on the best anime ever made, there are definitely many more wonderfully made movies and shows that can turn you into a devoted anime fan from your very first watch.

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