Do you like anime? Do you like intense horror and gore? Are you looking for a really good scare? If you answered yes to all of these questions then this list of the best of anime horror movies is surely for you. These are considered the best movies for any scary occasion be it Halloween or if you are simply home along and need some excitement.

  1. Seoul Station (2016)

Seoul Station is a South Korean animated film written and directed by Yeon Sang-ho. It is a prequel to the live-action South Korean zombie movie Train to Busan. It follows a group of people trying to survive in the city of Seoul during the zombie apocalypse. It is a very well done straightforward zombie movie and you will love it if you like the whole zombie genre. This is technically not an anime as it did not originate in Japan but it’s worth a watch for fans of the Seoul Station Film Series.

  1. Kakurenbo: Hide and Seek (2004)

Kakurenbo: Hide and Seek is a short film about a group of children who decides to play hide and seek in the ruins of a supposedly haunted city. What started off as an innocent game quickly turns sinister as the kids go missing one by one. This 25-minute film will have you on edge as it will startle you with jump scares, very reminiscent of Western horror. This gripping mystery is a must watch for people who like their courage to be tested.


  1. King of Thorn (2009)

Ibara no Ou or King of Thorn is about a world succumbing to deadly virus Medusa with no cure in sight. In order to save themselves from extinction and hope of a future cure, 160 people are selected to be frozen. These people would wake up in a future where a cure would have been found. But when they wake, they are attacked by monsters that have destroyed everything in the world they had left behind. They are thrown into yet another apocalypse and try to survive.


  1. The Empire of Corpses (2015)

This is a steampunk era homage to Frankenstein and his monster based on a novel by Satoshi Ito of the same name. The story centres around Victor Frankenstein bringing back the dead. The world has started using these human corpses without souls as slaves to carry out manual and tedious work. It is the story of John Watson who studies these souls and subsequently gets recruited by the British government to track down Victor’s Notes, where the details of the only instance of a corpse with a soul was recorded. The new and interesting style of action-adventure adds new life to a worn-out genre.

  1. Perfect Blue (1998)

This is a story of a popular J-pop idol, Mima Kirigoe who decides to take up acting.  But being so big in the music industry she has a rocky road ahead of her. She slowly loses her mind because of a psycho stalker, a website that goes out of their way to defame her, murders, and her pop idol group Cham! doing better without her. She also realizes her new job is too much for her to handle. All of this culminates into a beautifully crafted narrative with jaw-dropping plot twists. The popular movie Black Swan takes a lot of inspiration from this movie with even certain scenes taken directly from Perfect Blue. A must watch!

While these are some of the most popular ones, there are also many other wonderfully made horror movies in the world of Anime that will leave you gripping your seat in terror.


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